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Lavish Impex

Lavish Impex Company has been established with a vision to produce best aquaculture equipment for aquaculture farmers. Like, Paddle Wheel Aerator, Long Arm Paddle Wheel Aerator, Mud Lifting Machine (Sludge Pump), etc. After a years of experience we have seen that farmers are facing many problems with the aerator like, it creates low Dissolve Oxygen (D.O.), Motor takes more AMPS, It splashes low water current, Impeller depth has not much deep due to shape and design of impeller, Motor and Gearbox got rust, after 1 year gears of gearbox got damage, etc. Due to these problems durability of aerator decreases by 2 years.

To overcome these problems, we decide to manufacture complete aerator in India. In our aerator, we are using H-class insulation & silicon stamping which reduces motor AMPS, our impeller depth on water surface has enough deep so it creates much oxygen and water current, our Motor & Gearbox has a CED (Cathodic Electro Deposition) coated which stops rust preventions and provide long life, etc. are the things which differentiate our products. Along with that, our diversified product range, Competitive price, timely delivery and on time service has given us an important place in the competitive world.

Each and every country has different need of aerators which requires modifications, by understanding those needs, we are always ready to manufacture customize product, so every country can have and enjoy our products.



For extensive fish/shrimp culture, natural oxygen is not enough. To overcome this problem, paddle wheel aerator introduced. It is especially designed for extensive shrimp/fish aquaculture. It helps to increase Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and create good water current (Flow) in the Pond, which doubles the shrimp/fish growth compare to non-aeration pond. Bevel gear, UV resistance plastic parts, spline shaft gives huge benefits in terms of electricity, sunlight and gives long life to aerator.

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